“I believe our families should have clean air to breath, safe drinking water, and affordable energy sources, regardless of color, race, national origin or income. I will continue to fight to improve our environment, protect our health, reduce global warming emissions, and secure our energy supply for future generations.”

Hilda Solis has a solid track record of commitment to environmental issues and has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters.

Improving Air Quality: Hilda has worked to reduce emissions from highways, trains, gravel operations, refineries, and other harmful sources in order to protect our public health. She believes that such measures can meet the needs of both businesses and local communities. Hilda is positive that workable solutions can be found for the air quality issues currently impacting Los Angeles County’s District One.

Protecting the Water Supply and Fighting Toxic Waste Sites: As Vice Chair of the Environment and Hazardous Materials Subcommittee on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Hilda fought for more funding to secure local water supplies and to ensure toxic waste sites got cleaned up.

Ensuring Green Space for Our Neighborhoods: Studies have shown that communities with neighborhood parks and green spaces have lower asthma rates, fewer cancer risks, and are less obese than communities without green space. Unfortunately, the San Gabriel Valley has less than one-half an acre per 1,000 people – eight times less than the amount needed to positively impact health. Hilda will work in collaboration with state and local leaders to create more green spaces around Los Angeles County, in particularly along the Los Angeles River.

Fighting for Environmental Justice
African Americans are a third more likely and Latinos nearly twice as likely to be living in neighborhoods plagued by some of the most dangerous pollutants. As a State Senator, Hilda authored the first state law in the nation to codify environmental justice as part of the responsibility of state agencies. She plans to continue to defend public land and keep it clear of toxins in the communities of District One.