“Throughout my career in public service, I have been working to meet the health care needs of those I represent. I will continue to fight to reduce health disparities, provide access to quality, affordable health care, and ensure that future generations in the County of Los Angeles’ First District lead healthier lives.”

Hilda Solis has a solid track record of commitment to healthcare issues and she has been endorsed by the United Nurses Association of California (UNAC).

Fighting to Cover the Uninsured
With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, millions of uninsured Californians gained access to affordable quality healthcare. The act, known as Obamacare, transformed the health insurance marketplace, and successfully enrolled millions of people across Los Angeles County. As the Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis played an important and active role in crafting and implementing key aspects of the Affordable Care Act and she will continue to fight for a health care system that works for the people of Supervisorial District One.

Supporting Nurses and Community Health Workers
With more and more reports coming out about Los Angeles County’s growing nursing shortage, Hilda Solis stands ready to support healthcare workers, as they are on the frontlines of delivering quality care. Additionally, Hilda supports innovative programs like the Promotoras de Salud, which helps bridge the gap for many of LA County’s underserved communities. As a Congresswoman, she also introduced the Community Health Workers Act of 2007 to increase federal funding for community health workers.

Ensuring Public Health Resources for All L.A. County Residents
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is one of the largest public health departments in the country and works to prevent diseases and to promote the health and well-being of County residents. Hilda Solis supports the vital services this county department provides and wants to ensure all communities have equal access to these resources. She has led the fight to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities by introducing the Health Equity and Accountabilty Act, paving the way to better health for Latinos and Asian Pacific Islanders who often face health disparities due to language and cultural barriers.