Hilda Solis Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


Former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis meets with community leaders and residents in Chinatown.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month and across District 1, residents are coming together to celebrate the diverse cultures that make up our AAPI community.

The month of May was chosen specifically to mark the first wave of immigration by Japanese to the U.S. in May of 1843. The month of May was also chosen to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad. The railroad was successfully completed due to the hard, backbreaking work of Chinese immigrants.

The immigrant spirit embodied by so many AAPI residents is a spirit with which I can relate. As the daughter of immigrant parents from Nicaragua and Mexico, I understand the challenges immigrants face in their daily lives, from language barriers to discrimination.

I recently met with leaders and local residents from the AAPI community in Chinatown and I enjoyed learning more about their initiatives and the different ways they work to serve the AAPI community.

If elected Supervisor, I will work to ensure that all County services are culturally sensitive and meet the needs of our growing AAPI population.

From small business development to access to educational resources, I will work hard to champion the programs and services that our local AAPI residents access at the County level.

I value the important contributions Asian American and Pacific Islanders make to our local District 1 communities and our country.


Hilda Solis participates in a ribbon cutting ceremony at a Chinese cultural center in El Monte with local elected officials and community leaders from the surrounding communities of Walnut, San Gabriel, Rosemead, and Monterey Park.