Hilda Solis Celebrates Memorial Day

Today, I had the privilege of honoring our fallen veterans in events hosted at Rose Hills Memorial Park and in The Cities of Rosemead and South El Monte. 


Former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis celebrates Memorial Day with veterans and their families at Savannah Cemetery in The City of Rosemead.


It was wonderful to come together with my fellow residents of District 1 in tribute to our nation’s finest servicemen and women. 

Memorial Day is a chance for us to set time aside from our busy lives and celebrate our veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

From year to year, we must solemnly affirm the courageous service of our hometown heroes.

Their bravery took them to foreign lands and into dangerous combat zones, where they were far from their homes, their families, and their loved ones.

They knew their lives were on the line.

Yet despite these factors, they fought. They fought to uphold our ideals and our freedoms.   

And now we must pay tribute to their sacrifice by honoring our veterans who are still with us.

Remembering our service men and women must go beyond Memorial Day.

We must remember our veterans year round! 

From transition support to help them heal, to healthcare benefits and job training programs - we must honor their service when they come home. 

Throughout my career, I have led the fight to expand and protect benefits for military families, disabled veterans, homeless veterans, student veterans, and women veterans. 

I am very proud of my work on the Green Jobs Act, which provides funding for environmental jobs for veterans.

On this solemn day, we must recommit ourselves to standing up for veterans.

I am committed to fighting for our veterans in County government and I hope you will support me in this effort.


Hilda Solis speaks at The City of South El Monte Veterans Wall Unveiling on May 26, 2014 




 Hilda Solis delivers the keynote address at Rose Hills Memorial Park on May 26, 2014 in Whittier