Safe Neighborhoods and Public Safety

“Every resident of Los Angeles County deserves to live in a safe neighborhood. Our first responders, from our L.A. County Firefighters to our L.A. County Deputy Sheriffs, are on the frontlines every day keeping us safe. I will work hard to ensure they have the resources they need.”

Hilda Solis has a solid track record of commitment to our neighborhoods and our first responders and is supported by the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the Los Angeles County Firefighters #1014, and the Association of Deputy District Attorneys.

Working to Prevent Crime
Hilda Solis is a proven leader in the effort to prevent crime and supports efforts to reduce emergency response times and to provide public safety personnel with the tools they need to protect our County. Although, crimes rates are on the decline, Los Angeles County still faces obstacles when it comes to crime prevention. Hilda believes in effective community based strategies that seek to offer alternatives to a life of crime.

Fighting for Improvements to Our Rehabilitation System
Hilda believes that the operation of our County jails should be free from corruption and violence. She supports the recommendations of the Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence and will work to reduce caseloads for Probation Officers. Hilda knows our county probation officers help get young people who stray back on track and help reduce recidivism.

Supporting the Sheriff’s Academy
Hilda supports keeping the Sheriff’s Academy operating continuously so that the best-trained and most-qualified Deputies are on patrol, making our jails safer and working proactively in the community to provide young people with alternatives and preventing crime. She will work with the newly appointed Inspector General to improve accountability and transparency, and she will work with the Board and stakeholders to establish an effective citizens oversight commission.