We're In The News


As we get closer to June 3rd, our campaign engines have been revving up with excitement over the positive feedback we are getting from across District 1.

Over the last 10 days, I have had a number of opportunities to engage voters through a number of media outlets. As of this update, I have met with TVC+Latino with Marcos Palma, NPR’s Kelly McEvers, SGV Tribune’s Rebecca Kimitch, Mundo FOX with Carlos Zapata, Charter California Edition with Brad Pomerance, and KNX/CBS Business Hour with Frank Mottek.

I am reaching far and near to get my message out to residents of Los Angeles County’s District 1. We’ve discussed an array of issues, including the welfare of our children, law enforcement, and economic development and job creation, and a more open and transparent government among other issues.

Join our volunteers at one of our locations. Whether you are in Pomona, El Monte, Southeast Cities, or Northeast Los Angeles, you too can help us contact voters. Check out our website for a walk or phone bank near your neighborhood.

Si Se Puede! #Solis4Supervisor