Hilda Solis helped pass Measure H in 2017 which provides $355 million annually for services to the homeless. Every day in Los Angeles County Measure H helps house 207 people, but at the same time 227 more people fall into homelessness. Solis leads by example in the effort to find innovative solutions for those experiencing homelessness.

Housing to alleviate homelessness at former jail site
Hilda Solis authored a motion to accelerate the development of 232 housing units for those experiencing homelessness on County-owned property which was originally intended to serve as a staging area as the County prepared to build a new Men’s Central Jail.

Address the Needs of Single Women Experiencing Homelessness
Hilda Solis directed the County to recognize single women experiencing homelessness as a unique subpopulation requiring targeted resources.

Supporting unhoused women and families residing in Skid Row
Hilda Solis requested to investigate the feasibility of leveraging existing and new housing resources to support the Downtown Women’s Center’s “Every Woman Housed” plan to end homelessness for the 655 women and families residing on Skid Row.

Project Roomkey

Hilda Solis supported the efforts from the State to address the issue of homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the leadership of Hilda Solis, the County accepted and administered funding to immediately bring some of our most vulnerable unhoused individuals indoors to protect them from contracting the virus and to set them on a path to permanent housing.

Increasing funding to prevent youth homelessness
Hilda Solis ordered the County to more than double the required funding coming from the state to be designated for the homeless youth. By law, at least eight percent of Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention program dollars must be used for services and housing for youth experiencing homelessness. Hilda Solis authored a motion that required 18% to be designated for homeless youth.