Jobs, Economic Growth, and Working Families

“I am the proud daughter of hard working immigrants and I personally understand the challenges working families face. Our county is poised to lead the way when it comes to economic growth and we must work together to ensure economic progress for everyone.”

Hilda Solis has a solid track record of commitment to economic growth and working families and is supported by business leaders like former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan and by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

Standing Up for Jobs and Wages

Hilda Solis’ efforts on behalf of working families as an educator, State Legislator and Congresswoman began three decades ago, most recently serving as the President’s Secretary of Labor. Under Hilda’s leadership the Department of Labor was able to expand job training and job placement assisting families struggling with the economic downturn. At the Department of Labor she oversaw the implementation of training more than 1.7 million workers under the American Recovery Act—carefully targeted to maximize job creation. A decade earlier, then State Senator, Hilda wrote legislation and successfully oversaw the passage to increase California’s minimum wage. California voters overwhelming supported the measure and voted it into law.

Working Together for Economic Growth

As our County Supervisor, Hilda will utilize her her experience working at the federal, state and local level to expand L.A. County’s economic recovery. She will work closely with L.A. County Workforce Investment Board, the L.A. County Small Business Commission, the Community Development Commission/Housing Authority, and the Citizen’s Economy and Efficiency Commission to focus efforts on growing the base of quality jobs in L.A. County.

Hilda will also bring together a broad coalition of local business and community leaders focused on bringing quality jobs to our communities. She will continue to lead the effort to expand our growing local green economy. And she will rely on her extensive network at the State level and in Washington, D.C. to maximize federal transportation funds, environmental cleanup support, healthcare investment, small business loans, and technology grants—spurring economic growth and opportunities for local businesses, workers, and the local economy.

Hilda believes in building partnerships between local businesses, community colleges, universities and union apprenticeship programs to prepare our workforce for a changing economy.