Public Safety

Supervisor Solis believes that we need to shift the focus from punishment and incarceration to support and resources to get our justice system to work for the people and not against them. 

Reducing Violence in our Communities

Hilda Solis authored a motion to reduce violence countywide by creating a survivor-centered approach that would coordinate with both County and community stakeholders to address community violence in the region. This motion increased financial investments to address this issue through the Office of Violence Prevention and to ensure that all impacted communities, including survivors of harm, have the resources they need to address community trauma.

Creation of a “Care First, Jails Last” Capital Project Fund Hilda Solis led efforts in the creation of the ‘Care First, Jails Last’ Capital Project Fund. This was the first step to closing Men’s Central Jail and ultimately, significantly reducing the County’s dependence on incarceration. This motion consolidates funding that the County had previously set aside for new custody facilities and directs it to those urgently needed investments such as housing.

Closing and Demolishing Men’s Central Jail

Hilda Solis advocated to create the Jail Closure Implementation Team to actualize the full closure and demolition of the Men’s Central Jail signaling a new era in LA County justice policy. Care first. Jail last.

Removing Financial Barriers for those in Jails Hilda Solis introduced a motion to remove financial burdens for families, specifically to provide free phone calls and to eliminate profits and mark-ups on commissary items in County jails and juvenile camps and halls. Hilda understands that when people are in jail, maintaining access to their loved ones via phone calls is important to their well-being and rehabilitation. 

Declaring a local emergency as a result of the Bobcat Fire in the
San Gabriel Valley

During the Bobcat Fire, Hilda Solis took action and quickly declared a local emergency to provide an increase in resources to allow first responders to expand their efforts to reduce further growth of the fire.