Metro Chair Solis supports free ride program for LAUSD Students (9/23/21)

Metro, at the direction of Chair Solis, has launched a 23-month pilot program  which will allow K-12 and community college students to ride Metro fare-free. This pilot program began on November 1st, 2021 and will continue until October 2023. The pilot was developed in part to allow Metro to test the feasibility of permanently eliminating all fares on Metro trains and buses. After the pilot program concludes, the board will consider extending, modifying or discontinuing fareless service. To help inform that decision, Metro staff will report to the board each month on the status of the pilot program. Metrics that will evaluate the success of the program may include financial sustainability, program participation, increased boarding by pilot participants, level of service, quality of services, increased trip by low-income riders, employee safety, rider safety, system security. Chair Solis supports this pilot program as she understands the financial hardships that families are enduring during these difficult times. 

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